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well well well.
Ok people. I know 3d game programing is not for everybody but, lockdown2000 do you realy belive we need more or lass 20 years for learn 10 languages? Do you?
ok I'm 16 and for 4 years I am interested for programming, I belive it is realy good for express our imagination, so as everyone that begins without know anything, I found a book into a library that sad, "C programing", ok What do I think, "Cool, it's possible program a hard drive", good, or god, LOL, I beggined reading this and I found onto 3rd or 4th page what C is realy, I thot "Good, C it is not a hard drive name, it is to a programming language, cool", as you are thinking I wrote the book from the first untill the last page. But there was a big problem. I DIDN'T HAVE A COMPUTER, you ask, How to know a programing language as C without a computer, the answer is too easyer, for me it was realy impossible, but, i din't stop programing, I both a computer and I beggined creating scripts for mIRC, cool it isn't? at the same time and just because mIRC language is too easy, I study C/C++, now with a PC.
I red somethings about Visual Basic, Java and JavaScript. I studed HTML and Flash. For now I'm at the first year of programing cours, as you can say, I'm learning now PASCAL, blody crap language, , but I never stoped trying to do things in C.
Cool is know that I know (+/-) the basicone ingen of C, but I never red anything about graphics. Does anyone have some PDF's or HTML's or DOC's files to sand me? Ok you say, searsh on GOOGLE, I realy did it.
but one more thing lockdown2000 how do I import a model for Pascal or C??????????

Belive my next language to know will be Pithon. What do you think so about it???
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