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Vs Challenge Rules

This is a new VS challenge we will be having every 1 month or so. It isn’t for any prizes just for some practice and to learn from your peers. I will give a subject then you and the other challengers will have 1 month to finish modeling the subject. This is just a modeling/texturing exercise to help show your technique and workflow to others as well as learning how someone else approaches the same subject. Also this is a good way to help you keep deadlines on short notice, very important in the real world.

There will be an inorganic, Lowpoly, and organic challenge every month or so. If you would like to join please post all wips in the open VS thread.

This is NOT a “who is a better modeler” challenge. This is a healthy challenge to improve your self and others in the contest. So please no “that model is better than this model” just keep it clean and constructive with critiques.

I will provide the initial reference. But please feel free to find as much as you can on your own.

Any questions, comments, or suggestion please post in this thread or Pm me.

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