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I understand Kit's point of view and think Kit has a very valid remark. I do think that GI is great for rendering one frame... a really detailed high quality scene that is so realistic that you wouldn't be able to determine what's real or not. But for animation, I prefer to go with something simpler and quicker. After all, if you are working for a client you have dead lines to meet... make it quick and make it great. If you are rendering something and you have plenty of time on your hands then go right ahead and use GI. You can get a great result from a fake GI lighting that will render faster or go for the real thing and make it look perfect. Last time I rendered with GI was for a client in Las Vegas. What I did was actually a composite of both GI and fake GI. I rendered the background with GI and the animation with a fake GI, threw it into After Effects and voula! No one could tell the difference. It all depends on your preferences, what you are creating, whom you are working for, and how much time you got.
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