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hello everyone,
i'm from berlin germany, new to this forum and thought i should give my self a try and participate on this challenge.
Here are the thoughts behind this sculpt:
- after the invasion some minor daemos stayed on earth to enslave humanity as their hosts.
- these daemons infested the human race to live in kind of a symbioses. the human part provides mobility and ingestion of food. the symbiont is feeding from the human and provides him with extra oxygen filtered from the long antenna like gills.
- the daemon is linked with the brain of his host to keep him under direct control.
- whithout the daemon the human race won't be able to survive in this toxic enviroment earth has become.

Even thoug this is my first sculpt ever i hope to improve my work in further challenges.

I worked with Maya and Mudbox.

total time spend: 9hours 47min

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