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You people have a very nice project going on, keep it up!

Originally Posted by Hilm
3)You want to start a company u need to build a reputation, a good 2d game is a nice way to do this (eg blizzard made 2 2d games before trying 3d and when they did release 3d they were succesfull due to there reputation) And you have more chance of making a giid 2d game than u have of making a good 3d 1...
Blizzard made, WC1, WC2 and starcraft and diablo 1 and 2 wich where al 2D except for cinamatics. Now they own 2 3D games, Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft. Naming blizzard is a very bad example for this, blizzard is a legend in korea. It helped boost the economy and people working there extremely dedicated to there work. Blizzard is the one company that will never come under the name of EA becaus of this dedication.

Another cool fact, you know if you work several years at blizzard you get a real sword and shield (blizzard style) and if you work even longer you'll get an fully working, fully sized armor .
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