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Originally Posted by jogshy
xNormal is a .NET v2.0 application that creates normal/ambient occlusion maps from a very high polygon model and fits it into a low polygon model. Supports tons of mesh formats ( including COLLADA 1.4 ) as well as multiple output image formats. Includes a complete 57 pages PDF help document too.

It comes with an OpenGL interactive viewer ( and some examples ) to see the final result.

More information at and

Btw, im looking for some model examples ( like the Pablo Hoyos one ) to test the application and/or to include it on it ( send me an email to if interested pls! )

Modo has a built-in feature for doing exactly that. The high-poly model doesn't even have to have a UV map, just the low-poly model you're baking the normal map onto. I believe it was "map from background object" or something like that. I love Modo
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