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Holly cow. What the crap is going on here? Who are all these no names with sub 100 posts coming in and trying to talk about being fair?
Hope you're not referring to me here, Inveni0!

We've just about wrapped this up now, so can you please not start reverberations? The votes that were counted were fairly made and we have checked this over and over. Any votes that were unfairly made (such as by voters with less than 50 posts who hadn't submitted to the challenge itself) were discounted. The point of these challenges is to build the community, and the voting process is part of that community spirit! We'll consider alternative voting methods for future challenges, but for the time being this is how it works, and it can work if we all play fair - and there's simply no reason not to!

If you've got a problem with me posting in this thread about "fairness" then PM me so that this can be kept off thread. Cheers.
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