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Originally Posted by Intervain View Post
I'm screwed then... I don't see how that would change anything! For one thing there was no voter's fault here and voting is not a confidential pole but an open affair... Why are you so determined to think badly of anyone who's just joined the forum? I have to say I find it rather offensive and discouraging from any participation in the least!
I don't like to bring this up.... Well, there were two user accounts (that I know of) who did nothing but post comments without substance ("looking good.") into WiP and final artwork threads to reach the post limit, and vote on these challenges. According to Freespace-3DT, these two accounts were operating from the IP address - saying it raises strong suspicion of sockpuppetry (wikipedia) would be an understatement. These accounts were already active on challenge #004, and one of them was banned immediately (both their votes were deleted and not counted, by the way). The other one tried the same strategy on #005 but did not succeed, either (I think he is still waiting for a ban, by the way). You know the rest of the story if you've read this thread from the beginning. On a side note, no other (eligible) voters can be confirmed to be sockpuppets IMHO - in dubio pro reo.

Long story short, we don't think badly of the people who recently joined the forums, we would just like to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. Anyway, we are only talking about the voting. You are free to participate, and if you did, you are also allowed to vote.

-edit: ugh, Freespace beat me to it.
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