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Thanks a lot for your comments guys, appreciated!

It's very true that i have some shadow/lighting problems and the sky doesn't feel quite right... my goal is to have some kind of moon light against the bright snowy mountains, I'll have to study some references i guess! I'm also going to color correct and balance the contrast towards the end and see if it helps.

About the flat surroundings and the composition, yep agreed. Its just that I wanted a very realist/natural type of image more like taken out of a David Attemborough video than a fantasy movie, and the photo references i have from high altitude mountains its a bit like that (no trees just rock and snow slopes) so that was my rationale... the grass i thought was the least i could add to make the foreground a bit more interesting.. there is high mountain grass and some types flowers in such environments...

So i guess my problem now is how to make it compositionally more interesting while keeping it real... I kind of ruled out the hand type of shot thinking that this would make it too explicit and take some of the protagonism from the beast... dunno maybe you are right

Will see if i can put some more hours into this. Thanks!

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