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thx a lot guys!!
fantasymaster well i'll propably do the low poly in 3ds max with the retopo tool called freeform. not the best but that's what i use to go with when i made next gen stuff in the past, and now i don't have time to experiment...

well, i call the hp done *except there's no face yet...
i cannot say i'm rrreally happy with it, since i was so slow, i had to rush at places, so some parts are a bit hazy, but if i can make the face how i want it to and bake it all, it should look good enough with textures
the legs look awkward, coz her knees face straight to the front. it is only for modelling sake, to make it a bit easier, would be too hard to pose it at this state, but it will look good with the rigged + posed low poly

sorry for the awkward presentation..

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