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Thank you for this advice mcFly and nice work...You're right i should have worked on separate mesh, and it would have been more easy, also for subdivision modifier. It was an attempt. But i also could have used photoshop to modify it, it won't have took much time, a little hand tool there and there. But i didn't know if it was considered as cheat...So it is only a render in blender, and photoshop was only used to crop the image...gimp would have fit as well....

next time i will follow this advice and set a modifier, I just made a little try on separate mesh with modifier, and it is by far better... 10 days are still left, i probably made another one with these technique...

May i ask you what modifier you prefer to use?

But thank you, in fact many thanks, that is exactly the kind of advice i am looking for... And next time, i will follow it for sure

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