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Awards Showcase
The Golden Eye: Producing art worthy of being linked from the frontpage of either forums or - Issue reason: Art work was linked from the frontpage! The Sculpting Challenge - Gold: Winner of The Sculpting Challenge! - Issue reason: Winner of The Sculpting Challeng challenge the lost jungle:Female Amazon Warrior 
Total Awards: 2
Project Details

List the features of Lagoa you used to produce your render:

Physical based material like gold carpaint, architectural glass etc
Render in the background for Hi res render
Lagoa Dome and sphere light and Light Emisson from Geometry for lighting the scene
Camera Depth of field
Lagoa UV projection
Lagoa Layered Labels for decals
Lagoa ASE import and Distribute to Hair Materials for Hair Render.

List the programs you used to create your Space Girl

Zbrush-Modeling Sculpting and Hair(Fibremesh)
Maya-Modeling Rigging
3DsMax-Hair population
Adobe Photoshop-Texturing
Lagoa-Lighting Rendering Asset management.

Supplemental information:

I started the project loosely based on the rough doodle I made in my doodlebook
My idea was to mix jazzy flashy color with retro style accessories wile keeping the
overall look very sporty youthful and cool.I kept the key colour of the costume from Lagoa logo.
I modeled sculpted textured all the assets exclusively for this challenge.
My main aim was to create a complete scene with vibrant colours and jazzy look since outerspace seems extremely boring but I wanted to keep the feel of the scene exact opposite of the environment to creata an emotional contrast .
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