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Q: I want to boolean a window in to the walls of my house that I made of two planes converted to meshes. But when I use the boolean operation it cuts through but doesen't fill in the holes. Why?

A: To fill in the holes exchange the two planes for a box. This way the operation has enough vertices to connect to and polygons to cut so that the hole gets filled with.

Tip: When doing things like walls, and you want to make windows and doors, the best thing IMO is to draw upp splines for the wall and the windows and doors. Then convert them into editable splines and attach all splines together. You do this by selecting one of them and clicking on attach, and then clicking on the splines you want attached. Or click attach list and choose from the list or all of them. Now go to the modifiers panel and select extrude. Now you see a planar wall full with widows and doors. Put in a value in the extrude modifier and watch your wall grow.

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