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Okay, so here is todays process.
1. I made a clear lineart of the previous picture.
2. Started to inking it.
3. Inking...
4. Inking...
5. Drawing some more...
6. Inking some more...
7. I was thinking more about the environment, and a strange idea came up: what if, the sealed city is a historical eclectic town under a huge dome. Well, I am living in a historical town so the inspiration is gerat. Just love old buildings . The tought was followed by action, and I drew the most detailed environment I possibly could imagine. Now it's only pencil. I'll work it out as soon as I can, if my time allows.
Electrica got a few changes on her armor, to fit more in this environment. Gothic elements are dominant. Anyway it's still a concept, but shaping well and I think the final scene will take place on the square below.
Hope you like it!
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