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Base mesh is done... it took so long, but it was worth it, since i wanted to solve the problem that an actual woman body should fit into the armor and still keep it as slim as possible compared to the original marine suit.
the flamethrower is just a special addon for her made by Rory Swann, so that's not something belonging to a medic armor and also as i explained on the colored concept sheet, the syringe gun can also be detached in an emergency
hope you like it, c&c always welcome!!

the Jolly will be attached to the back of her right thigh, i'll just update the gif later, when it's done (i totally forgot about it )


RogerP - thx for the support, mate!
trikke - thx!
Korax - i know but unfortunately i had a week away of my computer so i needed my mind some tuning back onto this whole project
fantasymaster - thank you! i guess i cannot keep up with your thread though.. especially with the originality going on in there you're very inspiring!
well about your question: i guess kind of in between, more real, but slightly stylized i'd say idealized style that i usually aim for
GustavoTorqueto - thank you!

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