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AVATAR International 2D / 3D Art Competition: THE FINAL RESULTS

The following is the offical translated article from the AVATAR team:

Dear AVATAR participants,

We are pleased to inform you that the AVATAR contest is finally finished. And before we announce the results, we would like to thank all artists who have participated in the competition, as well as the respective members of the jury panel and, of course, our sponsors. Thank you for all of your hard work and contributions to AVATAR.

In our 2D jury team we have 16 professional artists from all over the world, and in our 3D jury team we have 9 professionals from the CGI industry. We’ve sent messages to all corners of the globe and patiently waited for answers, because many judges were involved in exhibitions, conferences, working on illustrations, comics, video games, creating movies, MTV clips and groundbreaking visual effects. When we thought about the contest, we just couldn’t imagine the scope; the size of the event. And we are happy that we together we have finally finished.

Following the jury votes:

The first place winner is Alex Aparin (Russia)

1. Belibr - Landing of De Vardas

The second place winner is the mysterious Skadi

2. Skadi - Pirates!

And the third place winner is Anastasia Ovchinnikova (Russia)

3. Asia – Vagrant

Congratulations to all the winners!

We would also like to mention those works that weren’t included in the 2D finalists, but received high scores from the jury’s votes:
d1sk – Guardians of the Ancient Forest
Uk – Mistral
Vladimir – In the temple of Sun
MartinLuter – Reason dream
NorthernChild – Symphony of eternal waiting
Yurii Vais – The morning

Following the jury’s votes:

The first place winner is Julia Betehtina (Russia)

1. Yuriko - Dragon

The second place winner is Victor Pyatkin (Ukraine)

2. Achilesov - veschegolovie

And the third place winner is Baranya Tamás (Hungary)

3. trashmito - Electrica

Congratulations to all winners!

We also asked the 2D jury panel members to comment on their favourite works and share some impressions and thoughts about AVATAR. Where possible we have retained the original style of writing of the jury members:

“Send my hellos to all participants, I wish them the best of luck with all future commissions. Keep up the excellent work!”– Donato Giancola

“The colour is very beautiful in Skadi’s (Pirates!) work … I like the illuminate originality and atmosphere in NorthernChild’s (Symphony of eternal waiting) … and great atmosphere in Asia (Vagrant) painting.”
– Ruan Jia

“All artists did a great job. It was very interesting to browse the artworks. I really like the work of Yurii Vais (The morning), I saw myself in the artist, and for me it’s the main thing. For the rest, I’m wishing good luck and lots of creativity! In the comic style category it was really difficult to choose the winner because most of the works are quite equal. I really liked the matchboxman … Yuriko’s dragon was fantastic, probably the most interesting work in the category … the forest entry is also good; reminded me of the Russian illustrations.”
– Andrei Riabovitchev

“It was not an easy vote, because the work was overall of a very high quality, so congrats to all participants.”
– Christophe Vacher

“Overall I was pleasantly surprised by the high level of imagination displayed throughout the entries for 'Avatar'. It was very cool to see each picture telling a story, ranging from the weird and bizarre to the curious and beautiful, all highly compelling. Excellent work all round, and many congratulations to the winner, whoever that may be..."
– Jim Murray

“Thank you so much for the wonderful images! Vladimir - In the temple of Sun - interesting story! Belibr - Landing of De Vardas - great characters, and lovely colours as well. Nicely done! MartinLuter - Reason dream - interesting characters!”
– Bobby Chiu

“Artworks are awesome.”
– Armand Serrano

“Cool works were participated in the contest”
– Sergey Kondratovich

“I think that a great illustration is a picture which dialogues with the readers. An erudite alchemy including narration, technique, characters, colours … The readers have to question and to be very keen to reach inside these new universes. The illustrator is a “conveyor”, a guide between the readers and the depicted creations. I'm really proud to see all these original worlds in process. With the AVATAR contest I discovered an impressive bunch of “rising stars” and I am in a hurry to watch and cheer the works of these new talents! Good luck for the future!”

– Vincent Dutrait

“I was quite honoured to be asked to help judge and I was really thrilled when I saw the wonderful high quality of the artists that were participating. I thought that the premise for the contest was interesting and original, and the various ways the contestants approached the premise made me envious of their imaginations.”
– Steven Gordon

“I am glad you invited me to vote, it was all EXCELLENT work!!! It was very hard to choose between the contestants. I normally am very hard on my voting but as you can see I was quite impressed!”
– Steve Marino

“This list is very strong, and I see why they all made it … outstanding work ... holy crap this stuff is amazing ... all amateur?”
– Ron Lemen

“It was a real pleasure to judge such good work, and such an interesting contest. I was very pleased with the high level of submitted works. There were many interesting ideas, but in my opinion, very few artists have managed to fully implement them. Also there was an impression that many artists haven’t developed their worlds deeply and just came up with very basic concepts.”

– Albert Garafutdinov

Following the jury’s votes:

The first place winner is Anton Gornakov (Russia)

1. Tonik - Shakty-Avatara

The second place winner is Vladimir Voronov (Russia)

2. gexogen - guard_of_lost_town

The third place winner is Gianluca Venturini (Italy)

3. outlander - Tree's Madness

Congratulations to the winners!

The 3D jury panel members also mentioned (both in voting scores and comments) the following works:
Gelena – Sirret
Muflon – Caravanner
EGGO – Codename "Leviathan"
ez5k – Vesta
We also asked the 3D jury panel members to comment on their favourite works and share some contest impressions. Where possible we have retained the original style of writing of the jury members.

“I could tell from the submissions that participants have put forth lots of energy and thought into this. It's a good way to challenge artists to execute their idea from their mind to a finish piece.”
– Sze Jones

“Muflon – Caravanner is my favourite because it is disturbing yet beautifully illustrated. It has a blend of Salvador Dali and Alice in Wonderland and I absolutely love that.”
– Francisco Cortina

“Some good entries, but most need work in figure/ground contrast. Good texturing and modelling in most. Imaginative designs. Congratulations to the winner!”
– Eric Hanson

“I really like Muflon’s – Caravanner work, very unusual, but at the same time recognizable characters with ethnic colours and its textures aren’t flashy (CG) but look painted. Also, I liked Gelena’s – Sirret work, beautiful woman. EGGO’s - Codename "Leviathan" has an interesting story, while gexogen’s - guard_of_lost_town has many details.”
– Valery Plaksin

“It was an honour to be a judge of the Avatar competition! I really enjoyed it and I appreciated the enormous amount of work and dedication you all put into this event! As I expected there were a lot of great artworks and it was hard to judge, however, I managed to go through them. I feel like I should be participating in these events to push my limits like the artists who are in the finalists!”
– JinWoo Lee

... But that's not all! We have SPECIAL PRIZES FROM SPONSORS! Corel and Wacom representatives selected the artworks for their special prizes nominations.

Corel's choice: Prokhorova Yulia (Russia)


Wacom's choice: Alex Vinogradov (Russia)

IN 4 (Oduvanch)

Congratulations to all!

Once again we would like to express our gratitude to the members of the jury panel, companies who have sponsoring the event and of course, artists for your attention to the contest. Thank you!

With best regards,


& Congrats to all winners from 3DTotal & Threedy!
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