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hi, the idia behind the artwork is a story from a narration module at the university.

this is a story of a new human race colony and the constalation of new goverments on the new planet.

The depletion of resources on earth forces a human race to look for new colonies, at least human race founded new planet (or planets). As usual humans begun to parting a new world, the leader countries on earth want to own most of parts of new wold but a new group emerged on a new colony is for a completely new nationality. That is a base for a colonial wars on new world.

the spider thing is a hight tech tank protected by a some shield thing that is speed sensitive, it filter / protect the tank from ballistic attacs, slower things can pass by, like a terrain or humans. the gues to the left try to use this back door to place a explosive device thing / whatever

my max licence is expired at the moment, i have to look after it, as soon as possible i will post new stuff

WIP: Red Tail
WIP: Battle Ship
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