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New Virtual World Allows Children to Travel Safe and Freely

Exploring our planet - and beyond - in an exciting, positive and interactive way is the product of Wiglington and Wenks Worldwide Pte Ltd, a joint venture between John Bittleston & Eliza Quek and MediaFreaks Cartoon Pte Ltd. The games and Virtual World transport players on a breathtaking tour not just of our world as it is today but also back through the past and forward into the future.

Based on John Bittleston’s four popular books, The Travels of Wiglington and Wenks, the new games challenge children’s knowledge and quick thinking while the Virtual World allows them to construct their own environment and explore what is ideal for the planet and fun for them. In this Age of Exploration, children are safely guided while being encouraged to extend their natural creative talents by transforming their dreams and aspirations into reality.

Anticipated to launch in 2010, the virtual world is currently in production.

Commenting on the joint venture, John Bittleston said “The aim of expanding children’s knowledge and enjoyment of the world is what prompted me to write the original books. The internet is the ideal medium for launching them into today’s modern media in a way that is exciting and challenging. With 187 books potentially still to go there is no shortage of wonderful treasures and thrilling adventures to look forward to.” Eliza Quek added “The highly novel way in which the MediaFreaks team has developed games into a whole new playing experience will ensure the success of this lively development”.

Aldric Chang, Managing Director of MediaFreaks, pointed out that the innovative idea of discovering the world through living maps was what spurred the MediaFreaks team to devise games that help children to create their own version of how the world should be in future. “Cartoon characters have fired the imagination of children for a long time but it is only the advent of the internet that has transformed games from being simply time-passing to aiding discovery and invention,” he said.

Visit for more information.
Aldric Chang is a creative technopreneur building virtual worlds for kids, running a cartoon animation studio and keeping a popular animation blog.
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