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Digital Painting, Sculpture and Photo Resources for all!!!

I start this thread to Black Wolf's suggestion... It was his ideea to start this kind of thread here instead on CG Talk disscusion and I thought it will be usefull both for advanced as for beginer users.
So from now on, here is where the questions will be asked and where the help will be given.
The first helping hand comes from Black Wolf as well:

1. Ask here for resources, check here first, it might be easier than starting a new thread.
2. Post any new resources you find here so I can update.
3. Tell me about any broken/moved links.
4. Give credit for these resources where credit is due.
5. Enjoy!

The best of deviant art misc fonts.
1001, probably more.
More fonts.
Even more fonts.

Flash MX Opensource Programming.
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