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Regarding them looking funny from certain angles, I can't really offer you much more advice than get some reference images from the angles that look odd or as close as you can & study them & then tweak the verts into shape.

If you're going to delete, then personally I would leave the resulting hole as more of a teardrop shape. That way the bottom part is rounded & the top can blend into the chest easier. As for what type - it's going to depend on the project. High res go with a normal sphere with enough segments to smooth well, (try with a standard sphere before attaching,) if it's a low poly character, definately go with a geosphere, with as few segments as you can get away with whilst still looking good.

Lastly, a female chest without breasts would not be flat, no more than a male chest is. It's basically an ovoid mass (other people might say barrel shaped or something - the point is it's rounded.) Here I would try to get hold of some pics of guys topless - but make sure it's skinnier guys, not musclebound heros & then adapt from that.
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