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The members that vote do not have to vote for the model that holds the best technical achievements. You should vote for the model you like the best, and tell people why you like it as much as you do. Some people are naturally more skilled than others, and some have been doing this for years. That enables them to work faster, create more detailed models, pass their models through multiple applications - and other things some artists might not have learned yet. It would be just as unfair to the experienced artists to exclude them from a challenge because of their technical achievements, as it would be to not vote for the best idéa or the cutest model - just because the artists technical skill level is at a lower level. You just have to vote for the entry that is the most overall appealing to you, and call it a fair vote. The criteria on wich you base your vote is an individual stand. As we count all the individual votes and call out a winner based on the majority of the viewers/voters opinions - it will be a fair call.

Picking your favorite is never easy.


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