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Idea: Coffee Grinder
Description: Something that turns coffee beans into a fine pink mist...err...I mean fine coffee powder.
Time: 60min

Idea: Space Ship
Description: A ship in space? From a box with a rocket engine to an overly detailed star wars model - you get the idea.
Time: 90min

Idea: Escher
Description: An optical illusion in 3d... can it be done? (doesn't have to be Escher necessarily, but it does have to be an impossible object)
Time: 90min

Idea: Percussion Instrument
Description: No, not hammers and baseball bats. I'm talking things that are made to make noises when they get hit (drums, xylophones, etc.)
Time: 60min

Idea: Inorganic Organic
Description: Use something organic as inspiration for creating something inorganic (like a metal tree)
Time: 90min...120min?

Idea: Arty Stuff
Description: Model things that you use to create traditional art (paintbrushes, markers, etc.)
Time: 60min

Edit Again:
Idea: Cartoon Character
Description: Model your favorite cartoon characters
Time: 90min

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