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THE Sculpting Challenge 019: Zombies


Welcome to THE Nineteenth Speed Sculpting Challenge. Whether you're new to sculpting, to the Threedy forums, or you're a seasoned veteran, come and join in on the Sculpting madness – there's plenty of fun and learning to be had by all!

The Rules:

1. The competition will run until the 8th of November 2009, 12:00 PM GMT+0 (For information about GMT click here); the time between now and then will be allocated to creating and submitting the entries, followed by several days of judging and voting for the entries – at which point the next competition should start.

2. You will be supplying your own base mesh for the competition, from which you will start sculpting. You can create your base mesh in any application ( 3dsmax, Maya, XSI, Cinema4D, Zspheres in Zbrush, etc ) using any technique, with no limits other than the number of meshes used. In this challenge, you must use only two base meshes, whatever they may be. Do not use an already made base mesh, you must build it specifically for this challenge.

3. There will be a time limit for the sculpting. Spend no longer than the allocated time limit, then post a screen-grab of your model. No cheating – we are relying on your honesty here!

4. Do not add any meshes other than those sanctioned in this competition brief.

5. You will have to supply a wireframe screenshot of your base mesh/meshes along with your final entry image ( see rule 7 ).

6. No rendering, texturing, lighting or rigging – let's keep it all about the high-res sculpt! What we are looking for is the quality of the sculpt you can produce "under pressure". If your entry is not complete, you can still post as long as it's recognisable and on topic.

7. For your final entry, post a screen-grab from your software with your finished work in it, along with your screenshot of the base meshes used ( see rule 5 ). It's fine to present this stuff nicely, with nice labelling etc., but do not add any post-production to the images themselves. These images must be uploaded to our servers by using the "Manage Attachments" button on the forum reply page. Do not link to external image files. Larger than the maximum size or posts containing links to external images (other than for reference materials) will be removed and the poster disqualified.

8. You can create multiple sculpts, but you can have only one final entry for each competition.

9. Do not create your own WIP thread. Simply post all WIP screen-grabs in here and your FINAL entry in the Submissions thread.

These rules apply to everybody taking part – there will be NO exceptions!

The Prizes:

1st Place: 3 x 3DTotal products from the 3DTotal Shop. These can include our books, ebooks, texture DVDs, Shorts DVDs, training products and 12 month subscriptions to 2DArtist Magazine and 3DCreative Magazine.

2nd Place: 2 x 3DTotal products from the 3DTotal Shop (see above).

3rd Place: 1 x 3DTotal product from the 3DTotal Shop (see above).

Note: We do unfortunately have to limit prizes to 1 book per winner per challenge, due to high postage costs for heavier items. Please note that we cannot offer any non-3DTotal products as prizes, such as the Design Studio Press books, the 3D Printed models, the Anatomy Models or the Artist Busts.

Plus! don't forget the status that comes along with a 1st place Speed Sculpting Winner is always pretty cool! The award you receive is also polished and shiny.

The Brief:

Time limit: 2 hours base mesh creation + 4 hours sculpting

Start Date: 21st October 2009

Deadline: 8th November 2009, 12:00 PM GMT+0 (For information about GMT click here)

Subject: Zombies
The day of the dead is nearly upon us. That's when THEY rise from their graves and walk among us again. They go by many names, living dead, undead, but most of us know of them as zombies.

The challenge is to sculpt your very own zombie and make it as unique as possible. It can either be a gritty realistic zombie, or it can be a stylized one, as long as it is a representative of the undead. Since you can create two meshes, you could have the second mesh be a weapon ( perhaps a huge butcher knife? ), or an axe planted in your zombies head, or an accessory, etc. Be creative!

While actual texturing is not allowed, you can use two colors ( skin + blood for example ) to better define your sculpt's details.

Do read the rules carefully since I'm tweaking them with each contest to get the best user experience, so there are no misunderstandings. For other questions feel free to ask in this thread.

There are new rules for the contest ( see rules 2 and 5 ), meaning that you will be making your very own base mesh for this. In this challenge, you will be able to create two base meshes ( though you can choose to only have one ). The meshes can be anything from someone's head, body, accessory, weapon to whatever you can imagine as long as the result will be on topic. Your final character can be only a bust ( head + chest ), but full a body sculpt is highly recommended.

The time limit is now divided as follows:
- Two hours for base mesh creation;
- Four hours for sculpting;
Note, if you finish the base mesh in under two hours, the remaining time does not add to the four hours of sculpting.

That's a pretty tight deadline, so don't waste time on minor details unless you've got minutes to spare. Block your mesh out, use reference, check proportions, and keep adding details in controlled iterations, as you subdivide further toward infinity.

You have the option to sculpt a pedestal for your character, regardless if you used one or two base meshes for the sculpt. Eyes for your character are also neutral, thus not considered a second mesh.

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