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Blueprint database

Link, working as of 15/07/05
BluePrint Database

1. Ask here for blueprints, check here first, it might be easier than starting a new thread.
2. Post any new sites you find here so I can update
3. Tell me about any broken/moved links
4. Enjoy!

- brilliant quality aircraft blueprints..
- popular, has all kinds of stuff
- similar, also very popular
- New, Cgvideos site
- Smcars blueprints forum.
- some nasa aircraft
- car blueprints!
- From page four, car blueprints - nice collection.

Helix, thanks for the house plans
I just found this one last night. Its awesome. It has BLs, pics and textures. Unfortunately you have to register but it was only a login and email thing. All it is a gallery and I think people can add to the gallery as well.
-This site has orthographic drawings of the exterior too
-All around awesome resource. Good drawings
-This one is cool because you can search by state, so if you want houses that are designed for your area then check this one out. The drawings are not that big however.
-old prototype cars. thanks raf!

some boat links from Goig!! thanks
-some nice navy ships and detailed drawings of turrets etc
-the navy, in colour!
-sailship side views and a few motor cruisers
- Gundam blueprints (giant anime robots ) link by Cyrenn
- more car blueprints, maybe some you havent seen before?

Photos etc
- aircraft aircraft and more.. aircraft!
photography website, inspiration, reference and stuff.. someone here gave this link to me a long while back so thanks!
- lotsa cars here esp the special ones, concepts and stuff... they also have forums and background images
This is another neat place for modeling reference. It has many screen caps of wireframes for characters. Not exactly BLs but it is very cool.
- thanks helix!
This is a site with lots of building photos, thanks ross coe!
some high rez fotos from a guy called Eugene Feygin, some inspiration and reference to be had from ths site, check out the architecture section!
looks like a really kool reference site but it saye soon to be back, plz let me no if it comes back online!
mmm textures... and a few refs &
- i think you may need to become a member but these are amazing references for modelling the human body
- take a guess (ty aerics)
- very good resource, free registration but they are very good quality images (some orthographic photos aswell)
- thx ironbuket, 2nd one has lots of info
- metro car interiors
-this one has lots of subway related photos
- tons of train photos
-metro interior and detail
- gun photos and information
- fish reference, mostly
- New, Animal pictures and more. Thanks Trex2001

Updates as time goes
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