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RogerP: never left!

fantasymaster: will be

tsabszy: yes indeed, gold and loot everywhere! and I had to start concepting sooner or later.. could have started with something more simple, like a box or something

heere is the b&w version, probably wont color it, coz I'm a bit behind :/ and it's not even a finished b&w sadly but it's enough to start modeling, and catch up with everyone!

Lots of things will change, I already think the weapons are a bit simple, and I'll need some nice tiny details everywhere to try and compete with the highpoly keyshot army I'm facing right now one think is for sure: gotta emphasize the wow/stylized look, and lay on it heavily.. I'm thinking an almost concept art like finished scene, but in 3D... but all will be game rez models, thats for sure!
aaand a little backstory:

Sven might have taken some gold from the alliance, and sold some damaged warships to the wrong people.. his greed eventually came to light, and was forever outcast from the ranks of the alliance, left with no ship, no gold, but far worse, with no honor... after a year of heavy drinking, bar fights in Booty Bay, Sven decided to make things right: joined a pirate crew, and served there for a while then challenged his fearless captain to a duel to the death.. Sven defeated the captain, and won over his ship, which he now uses to strip every horde ships from their treasures all over the seas of Azeroth.. People of Ironforge often wonder where does the piles of gold, weapon and elixirs come from month after month at the gate of Ironforge.. Will Sven ever be able to repay the damage he had done to the Alliance? Will he ever be forgiven...?


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