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Here's some more details whilst we work on getting this set up!

International Art Competition
08.12.2008 – 08.03.2009

To all artists, 3d artists and just creative folks! and together with community present 2D/3D International Art Competition «Avatar». We thought it would be great to gather artists from all over the world to fight creative task together. We really want to turn it into a remarkable, exciting and fun event so we’ve invited an amazing group of artists to our judges’ panel and partnered up with great sponsors. On the judges panel we’ve got professional artists from all over the world - from Russia and China to America and New Zealand. These are world class masters Donato Giancola and Todd Lockwood; fantastic illustrator and painter Christophe Vacher (credits includes «Hercules», «Tarzan», «Treasure Planet» etc.); stunning illustrator and concept artist from Sony Pictures Animation Armand Serrano («Lilo and Stitch», «Mulan», «Surf’s Up» etc.); animator, writer and character designer for Marvel Comics Steve Gordon («Madagascar», «Shrek 2», «Over the Hedge» etc.); visual effects designer, Gnomon School instructor and «Maya 6 Killer Tips» book author Eric Hanson (credits includes «The Day After Tomorrow», «Mission to Mars», «Atlantis», «The 5th Element» etc.); digital sculptor Steve Jubinville, who worked on film «300», as well as popular videogame «Assassin's Creed» and «Prince of Persia» series from Ubisoft; Francisco Cortina, one of the best 3d modelers on the planet (credits include full-cg movies «Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within» and «Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris», characters for videogames «Final Fantasy IX» and «Parasite Eve»); talented Russian painter Andrei Riabovitchev, character designer for «Prince Vladimir»; Timur Mutsaev, great concept artist from Crytek... 25 people in total!

«Avatar» sponsors and partners include such companies as Corel, E-on Software, Luxology, Pilgway, Pixologic, Wacom, publishers Ballistic Publishing (Expose, Exotique, d'Artiste etc. series of books for artists) and (2DArtist and 3DCreative magazines). Our VFX partner is CINEFEX magazine, the legendary edition with a 25-year history featuring advanced technologies in the visual effects production and computer graphics in the movies. The main media partners are popular portals and DesignCollector, specialized resource for game developers DTF.RU, the largest community of digital artists, as well as many other sites like,,,,,,, and

The competition will run from Dec 08, 2008 with the deadline set on Mar 08, 2009. There are three nominations for submitted images: 2D and 3D illustration, as well as stylized illustration (especially for comic and cartoon style fans!). Besides the great prizes for winners, all of the participants, who will provide final submissions, will get special offers from our partners! Considering theme, «Avatar» is the Sanskrit word which literally means «descent» and usually implies a deliberate descent from higher spiritual realms to lower realms of existence for special purposes. It often translates into English as incarnation, although it’s not quite right. In our case, we encourage artists to imagine their avatars living in fictitious worlds. Would it be a totally futuristic, alien realm or maybe something primitive and close to nature? Imagine a world you'd like to live in and tell us about it. You are free to create any life form for your avatar character, just make sure it has some charisma and personality. We'd like to see not just alien vistas but images with a story, so we encourage participants to tell interesting stories in their works. In other words, we’d like to maximize your creative output. Who knows, maybe «Avatar» will be the starting point in your career or a new milestone of your creativity?

For competition guidelines, rules and other information, please, visit

Good luck and all the best,
«Avatar» Team
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