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Thank you guys! I´m not going to give up. Glad you liked it, I was a little unsure about my unusual idea. I didn´t want it to be like "disqualified" because it´s not a killer in the first sight. I´d like to play a little with colours and of course emission map. As for his "personality" - I´d like to make him a person with experience, older person yet athletic, calm at every moment, skilled in silent assasinations and maybe not even regular soldier, but a person you call when it gets serious (infiltrations, murders - weird stuff). I have to admit that I was a little inspired with the assasin in Godfather III (remember the scene at the opera how the older assasin got the young twin "soldiers"? Awesome...).

mischi - thanks for the link. I don´t know the game, but the picture pretty much would fit the colours I´d like to go with. But more equipment and a some more details to the suit.
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