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Thanks jjvdb15. I´m trying to go the "less serious", almost funny way with this character, so I hope the judges won´t get it wrong.

Here´s some "concepting":

I have some nice story for the vinyl record also, so just shortly now:

Nobody knows when and where exactly, but there was this strange item found somewhere in the ruins. Many people considered it to be some kind of relic and believed in its magical powers. Although nobody knew what it was, the relic became a heritage that had to be protected from the hands of the enemies.

And so the years flew by and this mystical item had many holders - brave guardians, best of the best. One day a guardian who was growing old had to find his successor. There was an excelent medician and occasional assasin (my character, no name yet) in the village. He knew him - they´ve met on the battlefield couple of times. It was a brave young man - man with potential. But there was also something strange about him, almost mystical. Like if his mind wasn´t on the same place with his body, but he was very bright and heedful at the same time. Long story short: Doc. got the relic.

Becoming a guardian was a serious thing, so he tried to find something about this relic he was supposed to guard with his life. And finally one day he put all the bits and pieces from the historical records from all the villages together. It was a vinyl record from the 70´s. MESSAGE FROM THE ASCENDANTS! He was fascinated. For the first time in his life, it was like if his spirit found its era. That was also the first time he found his upper-level-magical healing powers, that he later learned to keep in a lava-lamp-like weapon he self-made shortly after finding a blueprint in historical records.

And so his journey continues. But now there is only one task left for him in this land that has been destroyed by three great dominance wars for hundreds of years: Find a vinyl record player. But hey, that´s going to be piece of cake, right..?


That´s it for now! I believe that there are many mistakes in the text, but it´s not final yet. Although I believe I´ll need your help with correcting the text later.

Now I have to put some hard work into hipoly model and some serious thoughts in what the vinyl title is going to be. ABBA, Simon & Garfunkel, ...? Any ideas to support this recession?

Stay tuned
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