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Fastest modelling technique or workflow?

Hey everyone, this is my first post here and im sorry if im mistaken to post the thread here.

Basicly, i need an advice from you guys here, everyone is welcome.

I am a fresh graduate student and 3D modeller, this is my first time working on company. But I realized my speed in modelling was way too slow. Im usually using 3ds Max for modelling.

So i need an advice about:
1.) How do you do modelling something from zero ? (you can tell me your experiences, workflow, technique, anything when u got the modelling task given) Because i often feel confused whenever i wanted to start modelling. This is maybe kinda weird for you guys, but answering this probably would fill my doubt

2.) How do you speed your modelling ?

3.) Where the best and fastest way to learn about caging (or you may know as beveling or edge-loop) ?

Everyone who helps me replying this thread would be very very appreciated.
Thank you
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