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The issue with recording your work is an experimental idea for this comp, we need to work out between us what works best and if it is even feasible and doesn't affect the enjoyment of the comps in any way, so we are really after your feedback.

I did some quick tests with camstudio, and was trying to find a way of recording a small file, that uses little memory and doesn't distract in any way. Remember your not making a video tutorial here, just some rough guide that you worked to the brief.

I have only played with camstudio for about 20 mins but so far I found these settings worked best.

options>video options
cinepak codec (but then i didnt really test the others)
Set key frame every '50'(not sure about this one)
capture frames every '1000' milliseconds
playback rate '1' frame/second

fixed region
untick 'fixed top left corner'
width 200 pixels
height 200 pixels

options>program options
tick 'hide flashing rectangle when recording'

options>autopan speed
set to max (200)

If people get chance to play with this more then please post your recommendations on settings. Remember the goal is just to see very roughly/simply how you worked for the set time period, it's ok if your techniques/details are not that clear, hence you can just record a 200x200 window that follows the cursor, at just 1 frame per second.

I haven't even had chance to record doing any work with this yet either, I just hot reocrd and moved windows around my desktop for 30 secs, so if someone could post a few minutes of sculpting recording in this way, that would be great for us to check out also.

Many thanks in advance for helping us out with this one.

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