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Pre-release of Acropora (0.9.2122) is available

After a month of bug fixes and the addition of more features, Acropora is ready for distribution. Visit our download page for more information on how to purchase the product.

Corrections and bug fixes:
- Fixed scaling errors
- Fixed lighting errors
- Fixed general programming errors
- Improved 3D manipulators (scale, translate, rotate)
- Fixed voxel data export for noise modifiers.
- Fixed supported images in displace modifier
- Fixed exporting bugs
- Fixed importing of .obj model files

Additions and improvements:
- Added pan capability to display (finally!) -> use middle mouse button
- Added Region extraction
- Added Cave entrance modifier
- Added Crater modifier
- Added 3D texture (.DDS) export (of voxel volume).
- Added masking option to regions (restricts modifiers via mask file)
- Added coordinate transforms to regions (positions are transformed prior to processing of modifiers.
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