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Please Read:state The Software Your Using!

Do not forget to indicate the software you are using. So people would know how to help you or IF they can help you.
What would be even better would be for you to state your software in the title to begin with.

Be discriptive. Just try to make sure that the first answer to your post doesn't be another question.

And BEFORE you post another thread.. Do a search with the search engine provided in the forum.
What you are asking may have been answered or at least asked in another thread.

All this said;
Be nice, polite and constructive!
(As you too were once) Some of us are now fairly new. And they are here to learn.

Those that don't encourage this are not tolerated.
"I refuse to allow a disability to determine how I live my life.
I don't mean to be reckless, but setting a goal that seems a bit daunting actually is very helpful toward recovery,...

Christopher Reeve

25 September 1952-10 October 2004

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