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SMC#05 - Lost Jungle - Forgotten Retreat - Pradeep

Hi... i am very new to this forum and this is the first time i am participating in this kind of challenge... i need to thank the person who let me know abt it...

I chose, BUNKER, An underground desolated bunker concept... here i have attached the completed model with the beauty pass... need your comments plz...

For modeling i utilized the full time provided... i took much time to finalize the concept design and for texturing, lighting and rendering i took nearly a day...

Software used : 3DS Max n Vray
Time spent on modeling: 240 mins

Beauty Pass :

Clay Renders :

Clay renders with wireframe:

Wireframe viewport images :

Texture Test :

This is d render of d modeled scene with different texture set...

Before working on this bunker concept, i chose an exterior scene of desolated dwelling... but after modeling an hour i felt that scene requires more detailing and cant be finished in the time limit provided... below are some of those viewport images... eventhough i have not completed that, expecting suggestions for the concept...

The concept goes like this, a castle which is a part of rocky mountain, nearby located a temple which is separated from castle by a water stream and that water stream is used to actuate the gear mechanism installed in the castle through water mills... the mountain has several caves that connects the castle...

I am very poor in sketching and i think thats one among the reason for not continuing this concept... i couldnt able to make good reference sketches of ideas that strikes my mind... but for bunker, i did d sketches easily by projecting the 4 sides... And all the best for all the participants...

Thanks in advance,
Pradeep - 3D Artist

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