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UE4 Realistic Face For Real Time Rendering [motion capture]

Hello! This is a test for my project, this is markerless motion-capture, then rendered inside Unreal Engine 4. If you want to know more about my future projects, feel free to add/follow me at:

I want to thank David Marmor for the base model and blenshapes, and Baongoc Vu for letting me use and tweak his eye material. I was in charge of making the UVs, all the texturing, materials, secondary blenshapes, re-rigging the whole thing for game engine, lighting, mocap setup and animation. One of the main goals while planning this test was not only to show quality, but to know how the engine would manage to handle a complex model. To see if a real time solution could compete with pre-render quality. I was surprised that the engine handles it pretty well, running at 50-60fps at 1080p, and bare in mind that is a very high poly model because is a test intended for cinematic quality, also have complex shaders and some textures are even 8k!

To see the test in motion, watch here:
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