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AVATAR - 2d - FireSunFox - The Dawn Wood Witch


My concept is inspired by the work of Arthur Rackham, so it's going to be very fantasy based in look and idea.

The story:
In the most ancient time the beings of this planet enraged the very earth into summoning into life the most powerful of Tree Spirit's, mother of all mythical creatures "The Dawn Wood Witch". The avatar of this planet. A woman seemly one with all around her. She alone sent all back to the way of nature, and washed clean the page's of history, leaving nothing of before.

My final image will be of her birth. I'm yet to figure out colour, but I'm thinking of mono tones and working in landscape.


I'm really going to try mostly traditional techniques on this one, I'm sure it's going to be fun. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
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