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Hey guys! I just joined this forum, hoping to be part of this team. I am a first year student, I tried a little bit of rigging and animation before, but I hope this will be my first more serious project.

I started rigging earlier tonight. So far I have the reversed feet set up.
I am now looking for some hand/skinning tuts for Maya, so if there are any suggestions I would appreciate it.

I'm thinking of animating a Shadow vs War General, with some heavy weapon (general) and ninja (shadow) action.

I hope if I finish on time I can join your team and put the 3D Total logo on my animation?

I also have course work to do so if I do not finish or produce a poor result I still want to do it to learn. So I would be thankful for any suggestions, tips, tricks etc.

Thanks guys, and good luck to all. I see some nice stuff being produced already. Like the first turntable Vrednia. Waiting for more
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