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Texturing Bruises and Cuts

Hello 3dTotal,

There are plenty of websites full of cross polarized skin textures / displacements that make our lives easier when texturing skin. However, when it comes to injuries, for example , you cannot really find a lot of good references , or the ones you find are not at the same quality with the good textures you get from TexturingXYZ for example, so when you apply them , the results look pretty fake. How would you guys approach this(see the picture) kind of elements? I am asking you from the perspective of a beginner in texturing stuff so I am really happy to do a lot of research myself, but it would help me if you can give me a starting point from a technical point of view. Would you try to paint them manually or even go further and shot the references yourself (after some make-up , hopefully haha) .

Thank you lots and waiting for your replies !
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