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THE Sculpting Challenge 017: Biomechanical Hybrid (Nudity Warning)

Biomechanical Hybrid

Welcome to THE Seventeenth Speed Sculpting Challenge. Whether you're new to sculpting, to the Threedy forums, or you're a seasoned veteran, come and join in on the Sculpting madness – there's plenty of fun and learning to be had by all!

The Rules:
1. The competition will run until the 20th of July 2009, 12:00 PM GMT+0 (For information about GMT click here); the time between now and then will be allocated to creating and submitting the entries, followed by several days of judging and voting for the entries – at which point the next competition will start.

2. The moderators will be supplying a base mesh for each competition, from which everyone will start sculpting. This is so we all get an equal start and it keeps us on topic. You must work only with the base mesh provided and you must not add any additional base meshes or objects of your own. We simply want you to use your imagination and see what you can come up with what has been provided!

3. There will be a time limit for the sculpting. Spend no longer than the allocated time limit, then post a screen-grab of your model. No cheating – we are relying on your honesty here!

4. Do not add any meshes other than those sanctioned in this competition brief.

5. As the base meshes show, the sculpt this time starts from an entire object, along with pedestal and weapon. Do not add any additional objects, SubTools or base meshes to what was given. Do not modify the base meshes in other software ( like 3dsmax, Maya, XSI, Cinema4D ).

6. No rendering, texturing, lighting or rigging – let's keep it all about the high-res sculpt! What we are looking for is the quality of the sculpt you can produce "under pressure". If your entry is not complete, you can still post as long as it's recognisable and on topic.

7. For your final entry, post a screen-grab from your software with your finished work in it. It's fine to present this stuff nicely, with nice labelling etc., but do not add any post-production to the images themselves. These images must be uploaded to our servers by using the "Manage Attachments" button on the forum reply page. Do not link to external image files. Larger than the maximum size or posts containing links to external images (other than for reference materials) will be removed and the poster disqualified.

8. You can create multiple sculpts, but you can have only one final entry for each competition.

9. Do not create your own WIP thread. Simply post all WIP screen-grabs in here and your FINAL entry in the Submissions thread.

These rules apply to everybody taking part – there will be NO exceptions!

The supplied base meshes are attached at the bottom of this post. Take it and go subdivide!

This time, The Gnomon Workshop is sponsoring the challenge. As such, Places 1, 2 and 3 will each win a digital copy of the Gears of War Creature Design DVD with James Hawkins. More information on the DVD on its official page here.

Note: Please note that we cannot offer the 3D Printed models as prizes!

Plus! don't forget the status that comes along with a 1st place Speed Sculpting Winner is always pretty cool! The award you receive is also polished and shiny.

The Brief:

Time limit: 8 hours

Start Date: 19th June 2009, 12:00 PM GMT+0

Deadline: 20th July 2009, 12:00 PM GMT+0 (For information about GMT click here)

Subject: Biomechanical Hybrid
The Biomechanical Hybrid is the ultimate slap in the face for natural evolution. After being abducted/rectruited into a top secret military unit that refuses to be hindered by petty morality, it is taken through a horrendous procedure through which mechanized joints, weaponry and armor are grafted straight into the creature's/human's body.

If it survives the process ( both phisically and mentally ), it goes on to become a vessel of carnage that can take on entire armies at a time, blasting legions of foes into oblivion.

Your hybrid can be either a human or a beast, and you will need to sculpt the pieces of machinery straight into the body. Keep in mind the scientists that worked on these hybrids didn't care at all for their health or safety, so expect some errors like deep scars, errors, cuts, dead skin, damaged plates and so on. Remember it is a sad twisted entity that got more that it bargained for, and it is in constant pain, while dishing out hardcore on the enemy.

Optionally, you can choose to have a separate weapon for the hybrid, that can either be handheld, or somehow attached to it through some port installed on its body.

Also optionally, you can sculpt out a pedestal for the hybrid to stand on or interact with.

Our enemies are legion, and we must deploy our hybrids. Bring forth your biomechanical warriors, and let us take what is rightfully ours - victory!

The Mesh: (Updated to have each object in a separate file, with pivots centered)

This month's base mesh is made by Crimson King. The .obj files include a body base mesh ( that you can sculpt into whatever you want from human to creature ), a weapon and a pedestal. If you do not want to do a separate weapon or pedestal, put those aside and focus on the body. To differentiate between organic and inorganic, you can use two base colors, but no texturing.

Your base meshes are attached to this post - simply click on the attachment at the end of this post, save the file, import it in the sculpting software of your choice, and you're on your way!

Please note that you mustn't add any more objects – use only what has been provided and nothing more! This is the challenge after all!

Here's your .obj file - download it, have fun & get to work! >>>
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