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design partnership


For a design project, I'm looking forward to establish a partnership in order to submit the project to companies or setting a crowfunding entry.

Graphic artist, I've come across 3dsMax a long time ago and learning it again would proove to be a waste of time and ressources as I'm now in scenario writing so I came to the idea of this partnership : I will provide 2D/PAO and specifications material and yu'll be in charge of the 3D and simple scene one.

This project pertains to watchmaking.

One last thing : as these fields (watches/Scenario) are a new business I'm trying to succeed in, I can only offer an honest contract for the future financial gain, meaning that I just can't monetize our efforts, it's a time investment for the both of us.

More about me.. I'm a french female artist leaving in pAris, with a good knowledge in computers, arts, design, graphics, science, politics.

I'm looking forward to know about you.
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