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Gift to the Gods - No title Yet - Max_theHitman

Good day everyone,
as you might have noticed by the number of my posts, I am a newcomer to this forum, but I have been around the internet for a number of years. I have found this forum quite interesting and also the challenges/contests you have been doing here. Yes, I am very much interested in also joining up on the good times and the fun.
I havenīt done much with photoshop lately as I have been busy with so many other artforms that I am completely burned out, so I need a nice cool challenge to get me in the mood to work with photoshop once again.
This one seems like a good start.

It seems like my digital tablet is sick or just plain "kaput", so I will be doing this one with my trusted mouse... hereīs goes nothinī!
My idea for this scene is to be a Matte-painting artwork, it is going to be a snowy mountain scenenario with an earth-like Mayan Temple but also incorporating a Sci-Fi story of sorts, of which I will leave everyone to their own story telling ideas once this image is finished.
Everyone has a cool sci-fi story to tell, so I will just give you some ideas with my image for you to figure it out later. But if you like, I will tell you that my story will be a cross-over between "Planet of the Apes" (the movie series),
"Chariots of the Gods" (book/movie), "Lord of the Rings" mystique (Book/movie) and a few other sci-fi books and old retro B-movie ideas. LOL
Yeah, you can say it will be a weird one.
Anyway, here is what I have to start out with today...

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