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i've started with Truespace3.2, and then i moved up to TS6.6, and i've gotten meself C4D r9 for Easter.

trueSpace is the easiest package to begin with. Cinema4D is a bit harsh on the beginners, but if used after getting about a year of practice in truespace, it works like a charm

c4d is the best all-round package there is if you ask me.

as for the free ones, stay the hell away from milkshape. it looks like a very bad version of 3dsmax, which it in essence is, and it doesnt have any use other than to convert to HL's .mdl format.

gmax is THE ****. you cant do *anything* with it unless you know how to use max.

maya PLE... mediocre in my opinion. that watermark itches me to send it back to its maker.

other than that, i think there is one good, Draw3D or something, its quite easy for getting started with 3d, but when you get to know it, and realize that it doesnt have a built-in renderer you decide to send it to hell.
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