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freelance help - how much to charge?

Hey all, I hope this is the right thread to post my question, so here it goes.

Ive been trying to get my feet wet in freelance work but have a difficult time trying to figure out how much to charge for the work.
I know this is a tricky subject and there isnt any set standards for pricing on 3d work since theres such a wide range of work. So my question for other more experienced freelance artists is, what do you consider when youre in price negotiations with the client?

Most of the freelance that I have run into is making models (textured and untextured), final illustrated composites and special fx/clean up compositing.
Im fairly new to the freelance world and Im looking for any tips, tricks, personal experiences, things to avoid, etc.
i.e., is it better to charge per hour on certain jobs such as compositing or is it better to charge a flat rate for the entire project?
So far the best advice Ive been going on is, is it worth your time to do the work required for how much the client is willing to pay.

Thanks in advance!
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