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Hostile Takeover - Short Film and Ad

Hey All

Thought you might be interested. I work as a senior animator for a small educational game company called Play Attention. We recently finished up a short film called Hostile Takeover. The films intentions were to create a fun and entertaining way to spread the word about the Play Attention Game system. In short it is a system that helps people With ADD, ADHD, or just attention problems in general.

We were pretty happy with the final outcome so I wanted to post it here. It was created by a team of 5 artists, all working remotely. From start to finish the film took about 3 1/2 months, although about 3 weeks of that were ironing out rendering issues. The artists who worked on it were:

Adam Hoover
Chris Holmes
Jason Murray
Josh Rose
Greg Marlow (me)

Here is the you tube link. If you watch this version I recommend turning on "Watch in High quality" (under the view counter). Also we invite all Comments and ratings.

Hostile Takeover - You Tube

We also did an HD version of it. It is about 37 megs. I am hosting it on Adrive and I don't think they have a bandwidth limit but if the link goes dead let me know an I will host it somewhere else as well.

Hostile Takeover - HD

And in case neither of these work (or you just want more options) here are a few other web video links for it.

Daily Motion
Funny Or Die

Below are a few Screen shots.

Hope you all Enjoy.


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