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Some Works - sorry bout the amount of images though

Thought i would actually post some pieces that ive made of lateish, perhaps get some feedback and make use of this thread

this is my own little version of spiderman, tall, lanky and a touch of elephantitis

diffuse map

1212 tris and a 512x512 map

second attempt at making a female model - just the base female form im going for just to get some learnings in, my progress after bout 2 hours total spread over like 4 days - 12xx tris so far

some form of props and street pieces for an environment in the works, not much yet on this front but it will get there

some low poly bird creature type thing, 689 tris

little goblin type dude, concept a friend drew up a couple years ago - 27xx tris including the weapon

For any venture bros fans out there, i gave the diplomatic dr. killinger a go - 2888 tris, still need to do his mysterious murder bag

body diffuse -mask diffuse - body normals

i know the mapping on this guy is pretty dodgy but i got ahead of myself and couldnt wait to try out some normals and texturing so i have to redo it most probably... or just rearrange somewhat

i got some more stuff but i think i will be somewhat over doing it :P
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