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Witch is a best way to unwrap a high poly model?
I have a poly object with a Symmetry and TurboSmooth modifier on it, then over the TurboSmooth modifier I have some UV Maps, each UV Map is over one PolySelect modifier then I have a Unwrap modifier.

Looks like that
  • UVW Unwrap
  • UVW Mapping
  • Poly Select
  • UVW Mapping
  • Poly Select
  • UVW Mapping
  • Poly Select
  • ToorboSmooth
  • Symetry
  • Editable Poly

My problem is if I create UV Maps an add checker map on a model, it looks great if I render it with enabled TurboSmooth modifier my checker map is stretched.

Second problem is I applied some planar UV Maps with PolySelect but if I go to unwrap editor my selected polygons for a UV map donít keeps together I have more than hundred singly polygons

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