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Sorry I haven't been here lately. My internet was down for a whole week

@neokyubi: No problem and thanks. I struggled with pinches and other smoothing artifacts, too. And I found ways of dealing with them. This gives me an idea on a tutorial.

@Crispy: You have a great collection of facial and body sculpting there. Faces are very important in our cinematic project as we would want our characters to have as much visual impact to our audience as possible. We do have room for facial scupltors. If you don't mind, shall I send you a PM with info on one of our characters and you sculpt the face?

@Steamtrooper: Those low-poly models you have are great. And with excellent UV mapping and texturing, too. I see you're more into human modeling. But I see several machines as well. We do have a new flying robotic Protoss unit which exists only as a sketch. It's called the Phalanx. Would you like me to send the concept sketch to you once the sketcher finishes cleaning it up?
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