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Thx for the response Freespace-3DT.

Nice to see the all the different approaches to the theme of the contest.

mastein: I really like the design of the character. He´s got a "Pan's Labyrinth" feel to him very nice.

Longhi: Nice start, looking forward to see the final result.


Here is my character 9h in.

He is a human/dog and I wanted to him look like a sad dog rather than a angry demon spawn.

The story behind this creature:

He is the result of the treatment the humans enslaved by the Demons during Armageddon had to endure.
Treated like dogs and cross breed with demon spawns the human eventually turned into a form of human/canine that survives by scavenging from the dead.
Some escaped and are now walking around in the destroyed remains of our world.
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