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Just reserving for now.
There's not much backstory yet but this is what I got:

Lady Planck, The Temporal Goddess: Once a Horologist of some renown. The concept of time intrigued her so much she decided to dedicate her life to studying it, eventually joining the Time Mages.

After years of studying the manipulation of ''The Flow of Time'' the Time Mages decided to try and manipulate the arrow of time through the use of artifacts.
Miss Planck, fearing the paradoxes and instability this would bring to the Universe stole the artifacts and then became like super powerful or something and gained almost complete control of time.

Who cares about backstory anyway! I Will work the rest out when I got ''time'' :P

First time I'm entering a contest. I wasn't planning on joining at first but what have I got to lose hunh? Besides eternal humiliation and shame that is.
I've never really drawn a character before I started modelling so I might start with that since most people seem to start that way. Follow the herd!

Good luck to everyone!
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