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Originally Posted by L3XICON View Post
really like the idea and story behind this charavter really play with ideas on how she can control time, and moreover how she could use time as a weapon. can she use time to instantly age people to such an extent that they become ashes and dust? reduce tanks and weapons to lumps of rust... be very cool to see a focus on time as the weapon. good luck!
Yeah I'm working on it. I've been thinking of some awesome skills I can give her but trying to avoid making her too ''almighty'' because that's no fun.

Her powers will mostly be speeding up and slowing down time in small area's, this might sound weaker than slowing down time all around her but this allows for much greater control (In a war, allies and enemies are likely to be bunched up together and this way she can speed up time around herself and her allies and slow it down around her adversaries.)

Time traveling is impossible and might be a little overpowered but maybe she can like ''record'' time and when she loses an arm or gets badly wounded she could rewind it a little to recover.

I'll play around with her back story as well when I find the time between schoolwork and other personal projects but right now my main priority is actually making her. :P But don't worry if everything goes well I'll give her a great backstory with an awesome skillset. If you have any ideas though I would love to hear them!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my thread everyone!
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