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March 2012 Stylized Challenge #03 - What If Disney Had Done It?

Family Guy Disney Version By fantastic artist Mikmix over at deviant art.

Welcome to the Stylised Monthly Challenge – Sponsored by 3DTotal.com Threedy Forums . Please post all images & questions in this thread.[/CENTER]

So what is this challenge all about?

Each month we will select a title for the Stylised Challenge, and we'll post some images for you to use as reference. The title is there to be interpreted as and how you wish. All you have to do then is to think up your concept, model it, and create a final 3D image of this in your own way!

This regular monthly challenge is designed to bring in some great content for threedy forums in the form of final images.

What are we looking for?

Funny and humorous entries which interpret the title of the Stylized Challenge however you see fit. We’re pretty much leaving everything open for your interpretation and stylisation!! All we ask is that the title of the Stylized Challange is instantly recognisable in your final image! All you have to do then is to render your stylized/abstract/cartoon masterpiece and you’re away!

What are the requirements?

The rules are pretty laid back: please submit 1 x 3D Final Image. If you want to have a background or include some graphical elements or text on your image, it's entirely up to you. Image posts should be around 1280x1024 pixels, but please work at a much higher res as the top 10 will be featured on the threedy forums.

Everyone has to post their FINAL image in their WIP thread before the end of the month deadline, as well as their WIPs during the month. You then have to post it (exactly the same final image) again in the VOTING thread. This means there is a very clear deadline: no-one can work after the end of the month and the VOTING thread still exists as before, as this is a nice clean thread with final images only which is used for the judging only.

Posting Works in Progress

Each challenge participant will have one thread each that starts their name followed by the challenge name, then a name for there scene.... so for instance member name, Stylized Challnege #02 - Wastelands etc etc. that thread will then be where all entrants post their WIPs, give feedback, and generally laugh at the crazy ideas that are emerging each month!


Everyone who entered can cast a vote of their top 3 in order, and the 3DTotal team will also cast their votes. We will award 3pts for a 1st place vote, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd. Then we will add them up & announce the winner(s).

Timeframe & Deadline

This months challenge will run for 2 months. A 'VOTING' thread will be created at the end of the month.

DUE DATE: April 29th, 11:59 pm GMT - SUNDAY

For a valid entry, just make sure your final image is posted in the 'VOTING' thread before the end of April 2012. Voting will take place from the 29th April to the 7th May 2012, when the winners will be announced.

Thread Creation

Please create your own threads as follows YOUR NAME - STYLIZED CHALLENGE #03 - NAME OF CHARACTER/SCENE

Prize Added

1st Place - First place gets you 30 worth of 3DTotal downloadable content & a gold award badge.

This month we have chosen WHAT IF DISNEY HAD DONE IT?!

Brief Description: In this challenge we ask "What If Disney Had Done it"? So think of anything you like that's outside of the Disney/Pixar camp. This includes comic books, films, tv shows, music etc. This challenge is just about exactly the same as the Fan Art challenges but the only restriction is your scene or character has to look like it has been created by Disney..... i will include Pixar into the mix aswell as they are part of Disney too.

No reference pictures needed, so create your thread and get going, you have 2 months to play! Enjoy yourself
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